You've seen our work throughout Westchester county and the tri-state area.

We provide high quality metalwork, a variety of styles and supporting services for residential and commercial applications.

Story & History

W. A. Iron Works specializes in the fabrication of metal railings, wood and metal driveway gates, balcony railings, and ornamental metal fences. Our work can be seen from San Juan to Washington state.

Serving the Tri-State area, we provide installation services, interior and exterior wrought iron railings, custom ornamental fences, wrought iron balconies and residential and commercial automated gate systems.

Design & Creativity

Beauty is found in the details, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards on even the simplest of designs.

We provide the product you want and deliver work that exceeds expectations. Our finest quality is attention to detail.

Show us your best design ideas or start with one of ours, we can make those concepts reality.

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From simple handrails to elegant wrought iron stair railings, and balconies to automated gates, W.A. Ironworks delivers artistry, craftsmanship, installation and service.

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A variety of style and types of metalwork

W.A. Ironworks Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates

Protect your property with style...


What We Do

Our Work


If you have a balcony, you'll want a strong enclosure railing. Besides the need for a well built structure, we specialize in making them look stylish and well designed.

Driveway Gates

Some of the most exquisite iron work in the tri-state area, we design, build and install driveway gates that make a statement. Ornamental, modern, or traditional styles, we do custom work.


Railings are a big part of what we do. They are used on steps, staircases, balconies, and whether interior or exterior, we have a variety of styles and materials.


Make your property boundaries known with an attractive and permanent look. Custom designs are always available.


Make your home staircase something special. Metal, wood, steel cable, and solid designs to complement any architecture.

Garden Gates

Gates for your garden, or pool, or entrance area will make it a true statement. Make it a centerpiece for your home landscape.